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a dog called Friki

Thank you for joining us on 2nd June 2019 in the Tabernacle Theatre in London!
Maria Solomou and Dimitris Kouroubalis offered two shows full of laughter, in the romantic comedy 'A dog called Friki' written by Dimitris Kouroubalis. 


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Prosopa Events and Vision Artt presented the Greek Romantic Comedy 'A dog called Friki - Ένας σκύλος που τον έλεγαν Friki' in London on Sunday 2nd June 2019 with Maria Solomou and Dimitris Kouroubalis.

the story


The love comedy "A dog called Friki - Ένας σκύλος που τον έλεγαν Friki" describes the second chance that life gives to a couple. 

Margaret breaks up with her boyfriend after years of fighting, and decides to build her life from scratch. She finds a job and moves in a flat in the city centre. But in the apartment next door there is an unpleasant surprise for her: a grumpy, rude neighbour who’s not keen on his new neighbour.

Their flats are divided only by a very thin wall and a troublesome co-habitation begins...
Will the wall that separates them fall?

"Because love never ends between those who have been loved a lot."

the team

Creative team:
Directed by: D. Kouroubalis, F. Korrou
Written by: D. Kouroubalis
Scenographer: A. Mentis
Lighting Design: A. Giannaros
Costumes: D. Vasiagiorgi
Music: K. Xenopoulos
Pictures: George Alexandrakis Photography
Artwork: Amarildo Topallis
Styling: Nayo P


The cast: 
Maria Solomou
Dimitris Kouroubalis


Greek Production : Vision Artt

Performed in Greek

Duration: 100 minutes - No interval

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