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guess who's going to die tonight

Thank you for joining us in London on October 3rd!
Katia Dandoulaki and the cast offered a night
full of mystery and laughter to
over 1000 theater lovers.

the story


in English

Set in an isolated chalet, “Guess who's going to die tonight” is a comedy thriller concerning a woman (Katrin) whose husband has mysteriously disappeared. Katrin reports the disappearance to the police, and soon the police inspector and the chalet owner visit her at the chalet for the investigation purposes. The routine inspection suddenly turns into a chain of unexpected events when the man claiming to be her husband suddenly enters the room! Katrin is convinced of some sort of conspiracy around her, as the man and various witnesses confirm that he is in fact her husband, but she knows it’s not him! She increasingly believes that everyone around her is aiming to drive her mad for some reason… But why?!

When money is involved, there always is deception, corruption and crime - but just who is telling the truth and to what lengths can a person go to distort the facts? The tension and mystery are sustained to the very last moments of the play.

Based on the “Trap for a Lonely Man” by Robert Thomas


London Premiere of the 3rd Season

Sponsors, Partners and Supporters:

Press Office of The Embassy of Greece in London

Athens International Airport
Kwest Hotel
Mondial Forwarding Transportations
Hellenic Grocery
Akakia Publications
aesopia media productions
Hellenic TV

the cast

Katia Dandoulaki

Katia Dandoulaki

Beauty, personality and talent! Katia is one of the greatest and most respected Greek actresses.

She studied in Karolos Koun’s School in Athens and the School of Dramatic Art in London. She then pursued a career at BBC in London, where she worked on film and radio productions. She starred in numerous Greek movies and TV series and her passion for the theater is undeniable!

Since 1979 she has been a theater producer, and she has presented many plays directed by Jules Dassin. Since 1995, she has founded her own theater with a number of successful shows.

She now stars in the “Guess who's going to die tonight”, that Prosopa Events is proud to present to the audience of London!


Mixalis Reppas

Thanasis Papathanasiou


Stage Design:

Mary Tsagari



Evelin Sioupi



Katerina Maragoudaki

Alexandros Antonopoulos

Overtitles in English for international friends and family

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